Saturday, June 27, 2009

gnocchi in tomato sauce.

Aaah, there's nothing better than a steaming plate of gnocchi on these...cold, rainy, windy JUNE afternoons. Wait what? ¨shouldnt it be hot outside?¨you ask. Well in most normal places the answer would be yes. But Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico is not normal.
We start the day in lovely Pahuca at about 89 degrees F at 10 am, and by 3 pm the temperature has dropped to about 50 and there's hail. needless to say, my fiance and I are constantly sick due to these drastic changes, so I ocassionally like to make stews, or casseroles, or other hot meals, like this gnocchi to keep us warm.gnocchi,pasta,tomato

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