Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A caramalized onion, bacon, vegetable, and 2 cheese tart

Last week, I unexpectedly recieved a 20 dollar bill. Well, a 200 peso bill to be exact. It came from a friend who all of a sudden remembered that I had lent her 200 pesos a couple months ago. I told her there was no need to pay me back, but she insisted, and in times like these, I can really use all the money I can get. Except, instead of using it to give to my boyfriend to cover my half of the expenses of the $500 dollar stove he put on his credit card, I was browsing Wal-mart and found some cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are hard to come by in central Mexico, so I thought ok, I have to pick these up. While continuing to browse, I was thinking about what I could use these little guys for, when I found myself in the cheese section. I picked up a hunk of parmesan and looked at the price tag. $120 pesos...about $10.50. "Hmm," I thought as I set it in the cart, "120 pesos + 30 pesos for the cherry tomatoes leaves me $50 pesos. I think I'll pick up some bacon while I'm at it." The bacon cost $30, leaving me with $20. I thought I did good, because I hadn't spent all of themoney. And then I got to the checkout counter and couldnt resist buying a couple packs of peanut m&ms. I know, I know...I'm awful with money, but at least the tart I made was so delicious that I felt a little less guilty ;)

layer 1...a basic savory pie crust

layer 2...carmalized onion, crumbled bacon, sauteed zucchini

layer 3...mozzarella and tomato slices

layer 4...grated parmesan and cherry tomatoes

bake at 375 until crust is done (about 25-30 minutes for me)